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10 Ways to earn money without Investment

Every people needs money to live their life and more than 80% of people are struggling every day to earn money. Moreover, the growing prices and declining salaries have made employing people worry about their future.
Thank God, on the other hand, the vast growth of the Internet and it’s technology has given rise to huge online jobs without investment opportunities.
The Internet has given millions of jobs to every people irrespective of their skill and knowledge
Here are some of the jobs listed.

1.Google Online Jobs

Google is one of the most trusted and respected company on the internet. People are been making money from Google from some many and their fortune with Google.
3 online jobs from Google where you can make an excellent income. First one is related to Google Ads, second is related to the YouTube and the last one is related to the smartphone.
There is no investment to be made anywhere and anyone can start working on these programs. Google pays you on monthly basis directly to your bank account.

2. Online Writing Job

If you have interest in writing then this online job is best for you. Online writing jobs are becoming popular because each and every website on the internet demands regular content to update their website.
You can get paid $5 to $20 per article depending on the content length.
There are many websites where you can find online writing jobs and few of them are Fiverr, Elance, etc.
Even if you don’t have any idea of writing but want to earn money through this online job, then you can learn & start practicing and follow the blogs like CopyBlogger to become a good writer

3. Freelancing Jobs

Freelancing means provide your services to your clients. Most of your clients are temporary. You can leave them as & when you want.
You can work on your own terms & still make lots of money.
Truly, a freelancing job is one of the best work from home jobs to make a big income. All you need in this business is some skills. It can be anything.
If you know something most demanding, you will make more money.
Skills like writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, advising, creating videos, photography, image editing & many.
There are various freelance website where you can signup & get lots of freelance work online.

4. Blogging

Blogging is another best online work from home without investment. You can create a free or paid blog (recommended) and make money from your blog.
There are 3 steps to start this-
1.    Create a blog (It’s simple)
2.    Publish quality content once in a week
3.    Promote your blog
Creating a blog & posting something on your blog is simple. There are number work from home jobs

5. Become a YouTuber           

YouTube is one of the hottest trend in earning money online. You can start your YouTube channel, upload some quality videos and then become a YouTube partner to make money online on YouTube.
You can create different kind of videos like prank videos, comedy videos, kitchen recipes, how-to-do videos, travel tips, or anything you think, is useful for people.
Once you get the videos views and subscribers for your channel then you can apply for YouTube partner program.
Once you get the approval, people will see the ads along with ads in your videos. You will make money for each views your video receive.
You can shoot videos from your smartphone or any DSLR camera.

6. Become a captcha solver

Everyone knows captcha. It’s an image that you see at the time of creating an email or signing up any website. It’s a way to control SPAM.
There is no way a software can read this message.  So you need to become a captcha solver, identify such images & type the characters so that automatic signup will be successful.
Companies pay you $1-$2 to solve 1000 Captchas. If your typing speed is good, you can solver 1000 captchas in 1-2 hours. This is a low paying job & you will hardly make Rs.5000-Rs.6000 by working part-time.

Part-time work without investment

1. Event planning

If you can plan events, you can choose to become an event planner.
Nowadays, in their busy schedule, people hardly find time to plan their events and when you can provide this service there are great chances that you will get more and more work orders by word of mouth popularity.
When you get orders in advance, you can plan things during the four or five hour time you get per day.

2. Network marketing

This is one of the best part-time options for people who like to work in their own terms. There is a great earning scope if the company is new & product is good.
There are many old companies like Amway, Herbalife etc. which are popular & has good products but everyone know about these companies so it’s hard to convince people to join in your team.
You can find new companies with good products and compensation plan to earn good income.

3.Part-time office job

This is one of the best ways to work part time if you are looking for an offline part-time job and that also without any investment. You can check the popular job portals like Indeed, Quikr, TimesJob, Naukri etc. for finding such office jobs.
You need to check the traveling time & office hours before you join an office job otherwise it may become like a full-time job with part-time salary.

4.Part Time Ad Clicking Job

When it comes to easiest way to earn money on internet then ad clicking job comes on the top. Here you can earn money by simply clicking the ads & view the ads for 15-30 seconds.
Although there are dozens of sites for this job but as you are looking for a part-time work, we will show you few of the most trusted sites that pay on regular basis.

5.Online Surveys

This is another part-time option, wherein you can spend your free time in a relaxed manner. Here, you will have to give your opinion about a number of products and services.
Surveys are generally important for businesses to identify the tastes and interests of their potential customers. Here you should be careful about a reliable surveying website.
This are the ways you can use to earn money without any investment

Friday, October 26, 2018

How to earn from Instagram

Instagram has rocketed to become one of the highest profile social media sites. Its fansclearly love its focus on photos and visual imagery. Instagram’s supporters have now turned it into the most common way for people to share photos. We recently analysed its rapid popularity rise in The Rise of Influencer Marketing on Instagram. Since then, Instagram has jumped to 700 million users, with 400 million actively using Instagram on a daily basis. More than 40 billion photos have been uploaded to date. With these types of numbers, is it any surprise that people make a comfortable living from Instagram. It may not have the nicely structured way to earn income that YouTube does, but there are still plenty of ways that popular and active Instagrammers make money from the platform.

Do instagram pay there users

No they dont lol, but if you are have a large instagram following you can make money by joining Social Influencer products which pay for making a post on instagram for a brand they represent. If you're interested to earn from your Instagram account, here are ways.

How Can You Make Money on Instagram?

1.     Make Sponsored Posts

Probably the best-known way of making money on Instagram is as an influencer, where you make sponsored posts on behalf of a brand. You will need a sizeable following for brands toconsider you viable, so spend your time building up your following and engagement beforeyou attempt to connect with brands. It is important that you keep your content authentic. Your followers will rapidly lose interest in you if you come across as simply making posts for marketing purposes. If you do manage to gain brands interested in you, there is little point in working with any where you can’t feel enthusiastic about the product. If you can’t authentically post about a product, there is little
point in taking on the contract, no matter how much money they offer you.

2.     Finding Sponsors

One way you can find brands to sponsor you is to outreach to any brands you feel an affinity with. Send them emails promoting your services. Make sure that you tell them your follower numbers and engagement statistics. Show them samples of the types of posts you make. Another option is to work with a platform or agency. These will make it easier for you to meet up with brands wanting to connect with influential Instagrammers. The different platforms use a variety of different systems. In some cases, they search out for influencers of certain sizes and approach them to join their platform. In others, platforms
provide brands with lists of influencers, which they determine by some form of an algorithm. They use these lists in place of signing influencers up to the platform. Some platforms accept applications by anybody who considers themself to be an influencer.

3.     Do Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate you sign up with a company and try and sell their product. You get to keep a certain percentage of each sale you make.
As an affiliate, you will be given a trackable link for the products you sell. This means that if somebody follows your link and buys the good, the selling company knows that the customer came via you, and knows to pay you the commission. One problem with Instagram is that you can’t place clickable links in your posts. The only place you can put one is in your bio. This means that you can realistically only promote one affiliate product at a time. For affiliate marketing to be successful on Instagram you need to search for products that will connect with your followers. Don’t be tempted to try and sell products from outside yourniche. All that is likely to do is to lead to Unfollows.A good guideline to follow is to only sellproducts that you would buy yourself.

4.     Promote Your Online Store or Other Business

If you operate a business you can use Instagram in the same way as any other brand. This is particularly valuable when you sell products that you can showcase with your photography. Instagram is ideal for promoting fashion, beauty and food products. You can create posts giving special offers. Just remember the 80-20 rule, though. For every promotional post, you need four posts that don’t promote your product. You can still showcase your store or business in more general posts though, by emphasizing its more human side. For instance, you could share images of your customers using the product. Alternatively, you might show your followers what truly happens behind the scenes. They are likely to respond well to these posts showing your more human side.You need your Instagram posts to show that you are trustworthy.

5.     Sell Your Photos

If you take high-quality photos then there is a chance that people may be willing to pay for your best images. Think how many people willingly purchase stock images online. To a large extent, this does depend on your photography skills. The more you work on these, along with editing and composition, the greater the chance that you will be able to make some money from your images. You are far more likely to sell an authentic photo than a staged one. Think of all those cheesy stock photos that you see, parfocality on the free sites. You want your images to look real, not played-up for the camera. foap photo shoots Also, you will probably do better if your photos aren’t square. Make then either vertical or horizontal if you hope to give them a resale value. You can promote your photography portfolio on Instagram using suitable hashtags. Once you have built up a larger enough collection of photos on Instagram you could make direct pitches to websites that you think may be interested in using your pictures. There are a number of marketplaces where you can sell your photos.

6.     Use Instagram to Improve Your YouTube Income

One more way to earn from Instagram and YouTube which  together go very well. Both channels are highly visual media that rely on their users’ graphical content. As we have previously discussed, YouTube has a clear system of rewarding its top performers. While Instagram lacks the convenience of a centralised Adsense monetization, it does provide an excellent way for you to promote your YouTube channel. You can even post teaser trailers for your YouTube videos on Instagram. This helps build up excitement in anticipation of your full-scale YouTube productions. Successful YouTubers can also use Instagram to engage with their audiences. They can even ask their followers to suggest ideas for future videos.First thing’s first: what’s your following like? You should know from the start that most brands will expect a strong and loyal following in order to build a working partnership. If you’re lacking in this department, there are a few simple ways you can increase your amount of followers whilst building a professional look for your account. Fill out your bio with all the right information: This includes your contact information, what you post about and where you’re from. Add in a few keywords and even a couple of hashtags to ensure you’re easily findable by the right kind of followers.


Instagram can be a highly lucrative way of making money. However, you do need to do the groundwork first. Once you have put in the time and effort building up an engaged audience there is no reason why you can’t earn a very good living, solely from your Instagram activities.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Best Laptop Under 30000 In India

Looking for a laptop that can fit under your budget and can fulfill all your working needs. Purchasing the best laptop under 30000 is not a big deal, but among lots of available option in laptop always creates confusion in your mind.
To overcome this confusion, a user checks features of all laptop and makes a comparison among them. After lots of effort and research user finds the best laptop under 30000 budget, but this comparison took a lot of user time and sometimes user get confused by this comparison.
To make this easy for a user or to reduce user efforts in searching and making a comparison among different laptop, we have listed best laptop under 30000 and we have also provided their features, specification and other details about the laptop. We hope that below given details help you in searching the best laptop within your budget.
§  HP 15q-BU004TU 2017 15.6 Inch Laptop (6th Gen Core i3-6006U/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Grey
§  Lenovo Ideapad 320E 80XH01GKIN 15.6-inch Laptop (6th Gen Core i3-6006U/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated Graphics), Platinum Grey
§  Dell Vostro 3468 14-inch Laptop (7th Gen Core i3 – 7100U/4GB/1TB/Ubuntu 14.04/Integrated Graphics)
§  Asus Vivobook X541UA-DM1358D (Intel i3 7100U (7th Gen)/4 GB DDR4/1TB/Intel HD Graphics/DOS) – Silver
§  Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-356P (UN.GNPSI.001) 15.6 Inch Laptop (Intel Core i3 (6th Gen)/4 GB/1 TB HDD/15.6(39.62 cm)/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics), Black

HP 15q-BU004TU 2017 15.6-inch Laptop

Processor: 2GHz Intel Core i3-6006U 6th Gen Processor
Screen Size: 15.6-inch screen
Operating System: DOS Operating System
Hard Drive Size: 1TB 5400rpm Serial ATA Hard Drive
Ram: 4 GB
Average Battery Life: 4 Hours
Item Weight: 2.1 kg
Color: Grey

Lenovo Ideapad 320E 80XH01GKIN 15.6-inch Laptop

Processor: 2GHz Intel Core i3-6006U 6th Gen processor
Screen Size: 15.6-inch Screen
Operating System: DOS operating system
Hard Drive Size: 1TB
Display Resolution: 1366×768
Item Weight: 2.2 kg
Color: Platinum Gray

Dell Vostro 3468 14-inch Laptop

Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 – 7100U 7th Gen processor
Screen Size: 14-inch screen
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 operating system
Hard Drive Size: 1TB
Display Resolution: 1366×768
Ram: 4GB RAM
Item Weight: 1.76 Kg

Asus Vivobook X541UA-DM1358D

Processor: Intel Core i3-7100U 2.40 GHz
Screen Size: 15.6″ FHD Anti Glare
Operating System: DOS
Hard Drive Size: 1TB HDD
Ram: 4GB DDR4
Item Weight: 1.9 KG
Color: Silver

Acer Aspire 3 A315-51-356P

Processor: 2.00GHz Intel Core i3-6006U processor
Screen Size: 15.6-inch screen
Operating System: Windows 10 operating system
Hard Drive Size: 1TB hard drive
Display Resolution: 1366×768
Ram: 4GB Ram
Item Weight: 2.2kg laptop
Color: Black

How to Earn Money From Youtube

In today's world, Everyone wants to earn money to live a luxurious life and wants to enjoy all the facilities available in this world

People looking for a different method of earning money online. There are various methods available online from which users can earn money such as blogging, web designing, content writing, Photoshop work, excel work, and others stuffs.

Apart from all the method given above, We will have a look at earning money from Youtube

 As we all know Google is the most used search engine available online, after Google, users like to search query on youtube to find its solution. Users on youtube are increasing very rapidly as it is
a best source of entertainment available till now. On youtube, users can watch movie trailers, songs, pranks, vlogging, cooking recipe, technology updates and much more.

As users are increasing on youtube, therefore, more brand are using youtube to promote their brand or products and youtube promote brands on youtube channel and providing a commission to them.

Now we will discuss how to earn money from youtube.

There is a various method of earning money from Youtube such as youtube monetization, product promotion, and affiliate marketing.

So let's discuss each method in detail

Youtube monetization

To earn money from youtube monetization, you need to create a YouTube video and upload it on your YouTube channel, after uploading the video, provide good title to a video, create an attractive thumbnail, proper description for a video and tags related to the video.

Tags on YouTube are similar to keywords in blogging. Keywords in blogging help content to get rank in Google search engine and tags in YouTube help video to rank in YouTube when users search for a particular query.

 The most important thing in youtube is providing proper tags such as if you are creating a video for a cooking pasta then tags must be related to cooking and pasta, tags should not be related to technology or any other category.

 Once your video started getting views then automatically subscribers to your channel start increase and once you meet the YouTube guidelines then you can submit your channel for YouTube monetization. After enabling YouTube monetization you can earn money from youtube

There may be chances that some of your videos might not get any views, so there is no need to depress, Always remain motivated and create good content videos, someday your videos start getting views and you can meet the YouTube monetization guidelines.

Product or App promotion

The second method of earning money from Youtube is by product or app promotion when your YouTube channel has a good number of subscribers, then different brand or app creator will contact you to and wants to promote their product or app on your videos and among your viewers. You can charge money from the brand or app creators to promote their products.  

Always create a good content and always honest to your viewers. Don’t try to fool viewers by promoting wrong product among them. Good videos get more views and more likes from the viewers

Affiliate marketing in youtube

Affiliate marketing is earning money by referring a product to users and getting a commission on product sales. Many YouTubers are using youtube videos to promote the product and adding an affiliate link to video description to earn money. Youtubers can earn good amount of money from affiliate marketing.

To earn money from affiliate marketing you need to create a video featuring product and providing product benefit and add a product link in the description. Among all the viewers of the video, interested viewers can purchase the product with the given link and you will get a commission on product sales.

Keep in mind, add an affiliate link in the video description to get a commission. Affiliate link helps the website to determine from where visitors have come to their website.

There are many YouTubers, who are making money from these methods. They are earning money from youtube monetization, product promotion, and affiliate marketing.

Above steps and details helps users to make money from youtube.

Samsung Phones Under 10000

Every month people save little amount from their monthly budget or control their expenditure to buy better Samsung phones under 10000. But it is really difficult for them to find better smartphones under a budget of Rs 10,000.
To reduce the effort of the user, We have listed some of the better Samsung smartphones that user can buy or at least give them a trial. Saving money from the monthly budget and spending that money on purchasing a smartphone is really tough for some person.
Sometimes user spends a lot of time in searching smartphones with specific features within a limited budget. With the help of online shopping, We can check a large number of smartphones online without any hassle or visit a mobile shop.
Stylish and high specifications smartphone seems to be of higher prices than that of normal smartphones. Normal budget smartphones have limited specifications and don’t consist of high features and specification.
We have listed some of the good smartphones with high-quality features, better specifications and the more important thing are that all listed Samsung smartphones under rs 10000, So the user can easily afford them.

Samsung On7 Pro (Gold)
Technical Details:
Operating System: Android v6.0 Marshmallow os
Processor:  1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor
Display Size:  13.86 cms (5.5-inch) TFT capacitive screen
Display Type: 720 x 1280 px resolutions HD display
Ram: 2 GB ram
Camera:  13 MP back camera and 5 MP front-facing camera with palm gesture selfie
Storage:  Internal Memory of 16 GB expandable to 128 GB
Sim Support: Dual (micro + micro) sim,
Battery: Removable Li-Ion 3000 mAH battery
Color: Gold

Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt (Gold, 16GB)

Technical Details:
Operating System: Android v7 Nougat operating system
Processor:  1.6GHz Exynos octa-core processor
Display Size:  13.97 centimeters (5.5-inch) capacitive touchscreen
Display Type: 1280 x 720 pixels resolution
Ram: 2 GB ram
Camera:  13 MP primary camera and 5 MP front camera
Storage:  16 GB Internal storage Memory expandable to 256 GB
Sim Support: Dual ( 4G + 3G) sim,
Battery: 3000 mAH battery
Color: Gold

Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (White, 16GB)

Technical Details:
Operating System:  based on Android v6 Marshmallow operating system
Processor:  1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8916 quad-core processor
Display Size:  13.2 centimeters (5.2-inch) HD capacitive touchscreen
Display Type: 1280 x 720 px resolution support 16M color
Ram: 2 GB ram
Camera:  13 MP primary camera with FHD recording, autofocus, interval shot, beauty face, continuous shot  and 5 MP front-facing camera
Storage:  16 GB Internal Memory expandable up to 128 GB
Sim Support: Dual sim (micro + micro), dual standby (4G + 4G)
Battery: 3100 mAH lithium-ion battery, standby up to 840 hours
Color: White

Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200GZDHINS (Gold, 8GB)

Technical Details:
Operating System:  Android v5.1.1 Lollipop
Processor:  1.3GHz Cortex quad-core processor
Display Size:  13.2 centimeters (5.2-inch) HD capacitive touchscreen
Display Type: 960 x 540 px resolution, 234 ppi pixel density, 16M color support
Ram: 1 GB ram
Camera:  5 MP primary camera with autofocus and 2 MP front-facing camera
Storage:  Internal storage Memory of 8 GB, expandable up to 128 GB
Sim Support: Dual Sim
Battery: 2000 mAH lithium-ion battery
Color: Gold

Samsung Galaxy J3 (White)

Technical Details:
Operating System:  Android v5.1 Lollipop OS
Processor:  1.5GHz Spreadtrum SC9830I quad-core processor
Display Size:  12.7 centimeters (5-inch) AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
Display Type: 1280 x 720 pixels resolution
Ram: 1.5 GB ram
Camera:  8 MP back camera and 5 MP front-facing camera
Storage:  8GB Internal storage expandable up to 128GB
Sim Support: Dual sim (micro +micro)
Battery: 2600 mAH lithium-ion battery
Color: white

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Simple ways to earn paytm cash for free

Many of us are familiar with Paytm and its uses. So what is paytm acutally. Paytm, owned by One97 Communications, is a digital payments platform that allows you to transfer cash into wallet which is allotted to you, via online banking, debit cards, and credit cards, or even by depositing cash via banks.

How to get free paytm cash online for fun? Well, you can simply follow the given methods below and reward earn free paytm cash money online by completing simple tasks on your smartphone. You just need to know where to start, and you can earn a good amount of Paytm cash.

With the help of  easy tricks to earn free Paytm rewards & money in your wallet, you can shop online, make digital payments, send to a friend, or redeem the money in your bank account.

Using these apps are very easy. Just by installing some other popular apps, watching videos or completing some other tasks, you can earn money and transfer it to your Paytm wallet.

One of the method is by completeing tasks on apps. Apps like Ladoo, instacash, cashpanda

Ladoo App

The ladoo app helps you earn online cash by installing apps, on your mobile. The money earned by this  method can be use for transferring, bill payments, mobile recharges, online shopping. . Note that while transferring money to your Paytm account, 10% of the amount will be deducted as transaction charge by Ladoo. And if you like the app, then refer it to your friends to earn more money.

    How to make money for free via Ladoo:
      Sign up for the Ladoo app
      Complete the tasks given such as installing other apps, watching ads/videos, sharing content on social media etc.
      Each task is assigned with a fixed paytm reward
      E.g.: Installing the app earns you a reward of Rs. 6  to your paytm account.

      After the given task has been successfully completed, the said amount will be credited to your Ladoo account.

Cash Panda

It’s another “free paytm cash” app, where you can earn points by watching videos and completing other tasks. You get the opportunity to redeem the earned points in real cash. Your rewards can be credited to your Paytm account. Tasks include clicking on the advertisements, watching free videos, etc. Cash Panda’s tagline says “Where Money Rains”.
Steps to make money through Cash Panda:
      Install and sign up to the Cash Panda app
      Complete the designated tasks
      Installing the Flipkart app lets you earn 400 points, while by installing PhonePe, you earn 150 points.
      When you accumulate a lot of points, you can redeem every 100 points for Re. 1, and transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet.

    InstaCash App

 InstaCash is one of the free apps which provides the users daily Paytm cash with completion of some tasks. It requires installing the app from Playstore and verifying the mobile number. Basically, the users are asked to complete some challenges. In the end of each challenge, the user gets Rs.4 Paytm cash which can be redeemed only if the user invites at least 5 friends to install and use the app.
        Minimum Redemption: 250 points
        Referral points after sign-up: 2 points/referral

    Lenskart Refer and Earn

    Lenskart Refer and Earn gives you a chance to earn Rs.100 in your Paytm wallet every single time you invite your friend. The referral program is only applicable if the referee is a new user. The referrer needs to share the link in social media site like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. After the referee installs the app and purchases any product using your referral link you get to earn Rs. 100.

    A maximum amount of Rs 1000 you can earn by inviting 10 new users using your referral code. Referrer can also earn benefits by synchronizing the contact on the phonebook, where no referral code is required. Here referral code will be getting the first priority, then the contact sync

There are a few games which by playing we can earn paytm cash or freelike fruit tosser, bulb smash game, Battle of Dots and many more

    Fruit Tosser App

    Fruit tosser is not only an addictive game but it also gets tricky with each level. The games start with shooting and firing the fruits with a canon. The aim can be set by dragging the laser by finger. As you start playing this fun game, the level moves up and gets trickier. After the user completes first 5 levels, a unique code is allotted. This unique code gets you Rs.500 Paytm cash or Paytm recharge. The game is absolutely free and required no installation charges. You can either play the game online or offline, as and when you want.

    Bulb Smash Game

    We all have definitely played bubble breaking and shooting games in our lives. Bulb Smash is another addictive bulb shooting game which gives you Paytm cash of Rs.5 for each referral made. The offer is not restricted to referrals only, you will get rewarded for signing up on this app as well. The sign-up reward is restricted to Rs.10 which gets credited in the Paytm wallet. These rewarded can be transferred to the Paytm wallets and used for recharges or payments.

    Battle of Dots

    Here comes another exciting game which delivers rewards for playing and signing up. Battle of Dots, as the name suggests, is a dots game which can be played with friends online or with computer bot offline. This game structure different set of rewards for different ranks. For example: The first ranker with receive Rs.200 paytm cash, second ranker will receive Rs.100 Paytm cash, third will get Rs.50 and Rs.20 for fourth & fifth rank holders.

    Bat2Win Gaming App

    Install-Play-Earn-Repeat! Exclusively for the cricket game lovers, Bat2win is another free game introduced by the developers of Power Cricket T20. With this game, you can earn up to Rs,500 Paytm cash if you make it to the leaderboard. Build up your score against the Yorkers, Bouncers, Spin bowling and all the tactics of cricket; and get the Paytm earning started.

Fill Online Paid Surveys To Add Money To Your Paytm Wallet

The best part of paytm is that you can use it for a whole lot of services like recharging, shopping, money transfer etc. Using these offers on Paytm, you can earn free cash in your wallet account by completing various online surveys, reviews and questionnaires.

Online Paid Survey schemes pay for putting your opinion on certain matters. You just need to provide your honest views on the given matter. Here are a few great offers where you can earn money by completing the surveys and redeem that money to your Paytm wallet.

There are few renowned survey apps like Panel Station Surveys and Daily Cash that give you this kind of opportunity. Install the app and start filling up the form, later transfer the earned points to your Paytm wallet.
These were the few ways to earn paytm cash for free…..